15 Cents Makes a Lot of Sense…


Ken Donaldson 15 Cents Makes a Lot of Sense

15 Cents Makes a Lot of Sense


Let’s imagine that I walk up to you, tell you I have a gift for you and ask you to put your hand out, place a dime and a nickel in your hand, and then I simply walk away.

You might think, “What’s 15¢ got to do with anything?

15¢ represents 15% of $1.00, right? And since we’re coming to the end of 2015, we’ve used up 15% of this century, right?

That leaves two very valuable questions:

  • Are you happy and fulfilled with how you’ve “spent” the previous 15 years (take a few minutes to reflect)?
  • How will you “spend” the next 85 years?


You might be thinking, “But Ken, I won’t even be alive in 85 years!

Exactly! Therefore, how will you spend the rest of your life so your legacy lives on long past your physical life? (Just in case no one has asked you lately!)

And that’s worth, at least, 15¢ of pondering, right?

This is the ideal time, even though we often say we don’t have the extra time, to reflect, evaluate and plan for 2016 and beyond. Why? Because YOU deserve it!

As the saying goes,
People don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan.”

And since you’re reflecting on how much more amazing your life is going to be, do yourself a solid favor and include all parts of your life. After all, they are many different parts to your wholeness. Maybe start with a walk outside with your camera in your hand…you never know what you might see, or otherwise notice, when you have a camera in your hand…just sayin’.

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll even dive in deeper and answer the BIG M.V.P. questions:

  • Why am I here (Purpose)?
  • Where am I going (Vision)?
  • How will I get there (Mission)?
Ken Donaldson Your MVP Life

Do You Know Your MVP?


Not sure where to start? There are plenty of resources available to assist you, but the key comes down to one word: START.

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