Ken Donaldson 2016: YOUR M.V.P. Year

Three quick questions to ask yourself as you head into YOUR M.V.P. Year of 2016:

  • Why am I here (Purpose)?
  • Where am I going (Vision)?
  • How will I get there (Mission)?

Yes, these are not “everyday” questions, however these ARE the questions that’ll help you plan and succeed in all areas of your life.

And you are most definitely worthy of the utmost success in ALL areas of your life.

As you probably know, and in case you didn’t, I wrote Marry YourSelf First! to help people answer their M.V.P. questions and live the life they want and deserve.

To help you and your “personal posse” (your friends, colleagues and loved ones), here’s a very special offer that you won’t find anywhere else (and Amazon – at $46.35 – doesn’t even come close!):

Marry YourSelf First! and The Companion Workbook are already packaged together on the Marry YourSelf First! website for a very special price of only $27.95 (plus shipping and handling charges, which are usually about $6).

Ken Donaldson Marry YourSelf First!

To assist you and your inner circle in creating the M.V.P. life you all deserve, you can now order Marry YourSelf First! and The Companion Workbook for only $20, and we’ll also cover the shipping and handling (sorry, only in the Continental U.S., but contact us for similar savings elsewhere). This is limited to the first 100 copies ordered.

  • Live the life you deserve
  • Create and maintain happy and harmonious relationships
  • Uncover and discover your unique M.V.P.
  • Embrace the Passion, Power, Purpose and Prosperity that awaits you

Don’t Wait, Be Great, Order Now, Start Today!




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