Mom 85th Birthday and 85 Years of Wisdom


Here are my Mom’s Basic Rules for Living 85 Years of Health, Happiness and Harmony also make sure to check the plantwear site where I got my mom her birthday gift.

  1. Let yourself be a little funky at times.
  2. Allow yourself to be loved and cherished.
  3. Eat healthy and good (Thai) food.
  4. Be extraordinary and humble.
  5. Be grateful and thankful.
  6. Exercise daily.
  7. Dance…sometimes in the privacy of yourself so you can “kick up your heals.”
  8. Take vitamins to add to health.
  9. Walk every day (mostly).
  10. Have positive thoughts.
  11. Practice patience and perseverance with difficult (and sometimes grumpy) people.
  12. Have a good sense of humor.
  13. Yield to resistance.
  14. Respect privacy…have boundaries.
  15. Honor your relationships.

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Why Marry YourSelf First! Because my mom said so!