Facts About Sex Addiction

Ken Donaldson Facts About Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction Impacts Both Men And Women

A VERY conservative estimate suggests that 3% – 5% of Americans struggle with “sexual compulsion disorders.” (For some unknown reason it’s not even referred to as addiction.)

Of course, most of those who struggle with sexual addiction don’t talk about it and, therefore, it is hard to track. When someone says “sex addict,”what usually comes to mind? An unshaven man watching pornography who’s broke and has no job?  Like all other addictive behaviors, sex addiction afflicts all genders, ages, races, religion an socioeconomic classes.

An excessive amount of sexual addiction takes place via the Internet. Internet pornography is both easy to access and inexpensive. Cybersex, a non-contact sexual episode through private chats, is commonplace and sometimes develops into real face-to-face meetings. Sometimes these meetings turn out to be a liaison with a prostitute, and other times it’s just casual (and sometimes anonymous) sex.

It’s suggested that more than 25% of those with Internet access at work viewed pornography during working hours.

It’s estimated that 25 million Americans visit cyber-sex sites between 1-10 hours per week and another 4.7 million stay on these same sites more than 11 hours per week.

But sex addiction is not limited to the Internet and pornography. Here are some of the other possible signs of sexual addiction:

  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Obsessive dating
  • Sex with anonymous partners
  • High-risk sexual activity, including unprotected sex
  • Sex with multiple partners and extramarital affairs

Untreated sex addiction will continue to progress and can expand to include higher risk illegal acts, such as:

  • Exhibitionism or public masturbation
  • Harassing or obscene phone calls
  • Harassing or obscene e-mails or text messages
  • Committing sexual abuse
  • Prostitution
  • Sexual harassment
  • Stalking
  • Voyeurism

Often, when one sexually addictive behavior is stopped or seemingly controlled, another rears its ugly head.

Treatment for sexual addiction is very specialized, requiring a well trained and highly experienced professional. If you feel like sexually addictive behavior is taking your life in a negative direction, I’d be glad to listen to your concerns. Call today.

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