Ken Donaldson Introduces Rocky, Sylvester Stallone and Tony Robbins

I’d like to inspire you and¬†introduce you to some friends of mine: Rocky, Sylvester Stallone and Tony Robbins.

Yeah, that’s right, friends!

If you’ll take 10 minutes right now to watch and listen to my freinds, you’ll be reminded of your dreams and your greatness.

Then, go do that “thing”…whatever it is..go live your dream…and never give up!


And Marry YourSelf First!

So, what do YOU think? Leave¬†your comments below…

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3 Responses to “Ken Donaldson Introduces Rocky, Sylvester Stallone and Tony Robbins”
  1. Bob Ieva says:

    The video was fantastic. I can really relate to Mr Stallone. I have always wanted to reach a status of success.. I now own a travel agency and cannot seem to reach the plateau of great, not even great but good success. I really believe that I will someday but have lost everything in the course of my life 4 times. I have started over each time and I refuse to give up.

  2. Hi Ken,
    Everyone’s goals in life are different.

  3. I am truly touched, moved and inspired. True stories clearly show the resilience and accomplishment of what seems ‘impossible.’ Thank You for sharing the Power and Triumph of the Human Spirit.

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