Ken Donaldson Says: Your Net Worth Equals Your Self Worth Plus Your Network…

I am a member of a professional
business networking group, BNI:
Business Networking International…

With thousands of chapters, it’s
the biggest networking group in the world.

So, why did I join earlier this year?

Here’s one reason:
Last year BNI passed 5.6 million referrals,
which generated over $2.3 billion dollars!

Yes…I wanted to, and continue to want to,
grow my business.

But that’s not the real reason I joined…
the REAL reason I joined was simply to
make connections.

And I know, after all these years,
the more connections I have,
the more business I have,
and the more money I make.

BUT…it wasn’t all about the money…nope!

I knew that BNI ran a “very tight ship”,
meaning that they were structured
and organized, and they challenged their
members to “raise the bar” on themselves.

I needed that challenge…
and I’m so happy I’ve taken it on.

BNI has extraordinary education programs and
they have a system that operates under
one simple formula: Givers Gain!

You know, like “Pay It Forward”,
“You Reap What You Sow”, etc.

I like that because that’s how I run my business today.

For years I ran it the other way
(or, better put, it ran me!):
Go chase down the business and
get as much as I could from it.

Nothing wrong with that model,
but I found when I just simply
do the “right thing” and
give all I can, and
be smart about my business,
I am rewarded…abundantly!

PLUS, I am now getting ready to
launch a new program –
1M×3: 1 Million Times 3–
that is based entirely on the
Givers Gain philosophy.

1 Million Times 3:
Sell 1 Million Books
Raise $1 Million for Charity
Donate 1 Million Books

So I figured getting involved with
an organization that promotes,
practices and teaches the Givers Gain
philosophy would be the
place for me to be!

Plus, since I’ll need  many people involved to make this work,
I knew that the people I meet in BNI would be the perfect
people to make connections with!

So…I would like to personally invite YOU to a BNI meeting…
Go to to find one near you…
check it out…

Tell them Ken from Tampa, Florida sent you!

Every week a couple members have the chance to
share with the chapter how the chapter can
best support them.

Here’s our chapter info:


I’d love to have you join me.

Regardless, know this: Your Net Worth
equals your Self Worth plus your Network.

Think about it!

…and Marry YourSelf First!

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