A Marry YourSelf First! Question: How Do I Know If It’s Really Love?

Is It Love?

A Marry YourSelf First! Question: Is it love? I’ll do my best to answer the question of, “How to know if it’s really love?” using the Marry YourSelf First principles of healthy relationships and positive living.

Not enough people ask questions about what is real love. It’s not the same for everyone, as people have differing values, beliefs and attitudes. The key is to know what you’re looking for.

I’ve suggested for years that people take some time and write down their relationship deal-makers and deal-breakers. These are the “have-to-have” and “will-never-accept” behaviors, characteristics and traits.

Not that this list is your recipe for love but it gives you a compass to make more conscious choices. One of the challenges with romantic relationships is the overdose of mood-altering biochemicals that make us “under the influence” of romance.

Take some time to ponder what a loving relationship looks like, sounds like and feels like. Create a roadmap, template and compass to make better decisions in your loving relationships.

Share this with your inner circle of friends so they can remind you and help keep you accountable.

Remember that we live in a culture that does not do much to teach and prepare us for successful love and happy relationships. The more you can learn and apply to your life regarding relationships the better prepared you’ll be, and the more conscious your relationship decisions will be.

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