Sex, Addiction, and The Missing Peace Podcast: Ken Donaldson Interviews Holly Donaldson



Ken Donaldson interviews Holly Donaldson. Yep, that’s what this episode of Sex, Addiction, and The Missing Peace is all about. Host Ken Donaldson interviews his first guest, his wife, Holly Donaldson, Certified Financial Planner™. Ken, lately, has talked to more people about sex due to him recently becoming board-certified as a sex therapist. Holly, on the other hand, as a Certified Financial Planner, is board-certified to talk about money.  And sex and money are two things people don’t like to talk about too much, right?!! (Ken and Holly say they don’t expect to get many post-covid party invitations.)

They’re both comfortable talking about the uncomfortable subject matter!

Holly’s been a lifelong student of economics. She holds a master’s degree in it, and a master’s in business administration, both from the University of South Florida. Holly spent much of her career in banking, helping people and companies with their finances. Then, in the early 2000s, she became intrigued with behavioral economics, which is studying the psychology of money.

Holly then wrote a book about it in layman’s language called The Mindful Money Mentality. She has recently created an online course, “Retirement Readiness.” This is for people concerned about how they will transition from working and saving to spending those savings. You can read more about Holly at her website:

In this episode, Ken and Holly quite candidly, openly, and honestly discuss:

  • Holly’s first thoughts when Ken shared with her that he was launching the Sex, Addiction, and The Missing Peace podcast. (Hint: The word “piece” when placed along “sex” typically means one thing, whereas “peace” means something completely different!)
  • Holly’s initial reaction, thoughts, interpretation when Ken first mentioned the term “sexual addiction.” (Hint: Tiger_____________ and “yuck.”)
  • Holly’s first impressions about Ken’s Ph.D. project being focused on sexual addiction. Holli is NOT someone who works in this field. But in reading some of Ken’s initial findings, Holly quickly recognized the amount of confusion about sexual addiction. Plus, she saw the many different opinions and ideas around sexual addiction. Holly observed this sexual addiction confusion, especially in what to call it. Plus, the many different research outcomes, all creating a challenging picture for an area to research in.
  • Ken then asked Holly about her thoughts regarding addiction in general. Holly has heard Ken speak to numerous groups about addiction. (One of their first encounters was when Holly came to hear Ken talk about addiction at Turning Point of Tampa.) Holly suggested more Emotional Intelligence (one of Ken’s favorite topics!) is needed. With this, people can better understand and regulate their emotions and then be better able to express them. She also emphasized the importance of self-care for people. Especially, for people who may be in a relationship with a person struggling with addiction.
  • Holly and Ken both joked about sharing Ken’s Ph.D. being in clinical sexology. They both do it in different ways with friends, neighbors, and colleagues.
  • Holly also offers some supportive and comforting advice for all of the significant others who might have a spouse or partner in an all-consuming Ph.D. program. Holly emphasizes open communication, self-care, and the importance of maintaining some of the simple relational rituals.
  • In closing, Holly re-emphasizes the universal need for people to learn better how to give themselves “self-care.”

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