What is Your Healthy Space?

Ken Donaldson What is Your Healthy Space?

I’m enjoying green tea infused with pomegranate this morning in my very cool new YETI tumbler. I enjoy this satellite office of mine at Panera. I can sit outside in fresh air, get free Internet and not bother anyone when I come or go.

This is “healthy space.”

What do you do to create healthy space in your life?

Healthy space is where you can relax, recharge your mental and emotional batteries and just be your true, authentic chilled-out self. For example, where do you go where you can listen to your own favorite music; wear your most informal clothes (or none at all, if you prefer) or sit in your most comfortable position?

Many people don’t realize how their energy gets depleted and drained during the day. What people do realize is that they feel tired, stressed out and depressed. These are often symptoms of the true problem.

People who go on, day after day, feeling tired, stressed out and depressed. They often become clinically depressed, impulsively angry or turn to some addictive behavior in an attempt to self-medicate these feelings.

I suggest to almost all the people who come to see me for counseling that if they’d take a few healthy space breaks during the day, they could alleviate a great deal of their symptoms. I’m a BIG fan of natural (and free) medicine like conscious breathing, walking and being outside in the sunshine and fresh air.

Now I’m not saying that this will cure all depression, anxiety or addictive behaviors, but it can dramatically prevent these maladies.

I dedicated an entire chapter in Marry YourSelf First to these simple, basic healthy behaviors (breathing, walking and being outdoors) to integrate into your life. When you include these into your daily life, you’ll automatically create more life balance for yourself.

So go now and create some healthy spaces in your life. Then let me know what unique ways you’re manifesting a happier, healthier and more harmonious life. If you’re having difficulty finding or creating these healthy spaces, perhaps you’re due for a tune-up. Give me a call and let’s see what we can do.

Later today I’ll be going out with my Canon 60D camera to one of my favorite healthy spaces: The great outdoors.

Where are you going?