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Ken Donaldson: Change

Have you noticed there’s a lot of change going on currently?

Have you also noticed that many people (maybe even most) don’t really like it?

And perhaps you’ve also noticed that when people resist change they often cause themselves unnecessary additional stress…right?

So what’s the deal?
1.) Why is there so much change?
2.) And why do people resist it so much?

Answer #1: Life is change…period.
It doesn’t stand still and it’s always moving. That is until something dies, then it stops changing…and then it’s too late to start changing.

Answer #2: People like what they like, like what they know and don’t like what they don’t know.
Most people, at least (very progressive entrepreneurs, change artists, thrill seekers and adrenalin junkies excluded).

SO…what are YOU going to do?

You live in this life that is always changing, growing, expanding and evolving and YOU might not want to.

Remember being a kid and how every day was a new adventure?
(Key word: “new”).

And you would get bored so easily…you lived for something to be different…something new to discover.

What happened?

Maybe you grew up and got influenced by the “bigger, better, faster, more, now but do it the same” machine.

You see the problem, don’t you?

You can’t live and grow without living and growing (a.k.a. change).

So…here’s the question again…what are YOU going to do?

Denial has been the choice for some…maybe even many.

People deny that change is occurring all around them or they deny that it’s time for them to change.

Put a baseball cap over a pile of manure and it still smells and draws flies even if you call it a baseball cap.

No…denial doesn’t work…it makes things worse.

The answer?

Embrace AND create change.

Do this and you’re already ahead of it.

Where do you think change comes from? Mostly from other people who cause and create change!

So why not you?

You can be a change artist.

A Change Artist: One who embraces, causes and creates change for the greater good.
(The “greater good” part is optional but it only makes sense since you happen to be that kind of person, yes?)

Many people get caught up in the complaints and problems of life and don’t take the next step to do something about it.

If you don’t, who will?

In other words, if you don’t like change, then be change.

It’s quite simple.

Change or be changed.

Since change is going to happen, you might as well have some control and some choice, right.

You might as well have some fun with it as well.

Go back to your days as a child and engage in the wonderland of discovery, adventure and the great unknown.

You’re wired for growth and expansion. Why do anything other than what you’re designed for?

Why do so many people never use their full potential or capabilities?

Only one reason: They resist change.

Start today by deliberately doing something different.

Something REALLY different.
(Yes…that was a dare.)

Dare yourself to be the change.

Dare yourself to do something bold today that will have a positive impact on yourself and others (or maybe just others if you can manage to do it anonymously as well).

But whatever you do, don’t do nothing.

Change is occurring faster today than ever and you’re either going to cause it or you’re going to be impacted by it.

It’s your choice.

I have faith you’ll make the best choice.

Introducing the next Change Artist…YOU!

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