Five Words To Change Your Life: Hope, Cope, Survive, Thrive, Soar

Five words that can change your life: Hope, Cope, Survive, Thrive, Soar.

These five words can, do and will continue to change and save lives.

Hope: Not the wishful thinking (“I hope I win the lotto”) type, but “the true inner feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.” (

Imagine if you knew how to instantaneously tap into hope whenever you needed it, for whatever reason.

  • It keeps you going in the face of doubt, fear and the great unknown.
  • And it keeps you from giving up and, instead, develops your perseverance and persistence muscles.
  • Plus it’s the inner seed that is necessary to continue to go forward into action.

Cope: Once you have hope as your foundation, you can now go into action. Cope is “to struggle or deal, especially on fairly even terms or with some degree of success.” (

When you cope you get by. No matter how small it might be, progress is made.

Coping is the beginning of creating positive momentum for your life.

You begin to see how your efforts are moving you forward.

You also know how to deal with challenges, struggles and even failure, and keep moving.

Hope + Cope = Survive

Survive means “to get along or remain healthy, happy, and unaffected in spite of some occurrence.” (

As you build on hope and cope, you develop survival skills. These skills begin to occur automatically because you have practiced them and have developed some confidence around them.

Surviving means you have gotten yourself to a place of stability…ground level zero.

You have recovered successfully.

Many people survive, but never grow past this point.

Many people get comfortable with surviving.

Remember, life is a progression:
Hope > Cope > Survive > Thrive

Thrive means “to prosper; be fortunate or successful, to grow or develop vigorously; flourish.” (

When you thrive you are building on the foundation of hope, well developed coping skills and having established yourself as a survivor.

Thriving is a willingness to go beyond the norm.

Going beyond average.

And beyond mediocre.

And way, way beyond what you already know and into the great unknown.

Thriving means to take significant risks, because you are going past where you’ve ever been and perhaps, as well, beyond where anyone else has been before.

Thriving means you are willing to stand up, stand out and make a stand for what you believe.

It means letting go of ego, fear and the need to impress others.

Thriving means to be not just outside the box, but to destroy the box and create your own new paradigm.

Perhaps this is the master success formula for life:
Hope + Cope + Survive + Thrive = Soar

Soar means “to rise or aspire to a higher or more exalted level.” (

Thriving sets the tone for soaring. Whereas thriving takes tremendous effort, soaring is the outcome from all that hard work, effort and risk

Just like an eagle soars in the thermals, you too will enjoy soaring through your life as you follow this progression.

Soaring is the positive consequence for hard work, many risks and always keeping the ego (and fear) in check.

Soaring does require a huge commitment to be extremely responsible and accountable due to your high level of visibility.

Many people choose not to soar because they don’t want to be seen as the “center of attention.”

Soaring is not accomplished to be in the limelight, although it often results in such.

To soar, you must shed your ego and have no worries what others will think, say or do in response to your soaring.

To soar is to have reached the pinnacle of life.

It is also from where you must be willing to be a role model at the highest level and a mentor to others who seek to accomplish the same.


These five words describe what we all need to stay on the positive side of life.

Addiction, depression and divorce, for example, scarcely exist when you live in the progression of hope, cope, survive, thrive and soar.

These are the stepping stones of greatness.

Will you step up, step out and step into your greatness?


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