Free Love Poem

Credo of Love

Will you step into the fire of this Life
and walk across the hot coals with me,
allowing us to carry each other,
if need be, and to celebrate in Passion
upon completion?

Will you allow me to dive into your Soul
and swim in the sweet nectar of your essence;
likewise, will you dive into mine
and cherish it with dignity and respect?

When I speak my truth, no matter how it may sound,
will you be flexible with me and create a space
that allows me to work through it, and heal and grow,

And likewise, will you honor me with having the recipient ears
that may hear your truth, no matter how painful or shameful,
so that I may create a space so sacred
that healing cannot help but to happen?

Will you dance with me and allow us
to uniquely create a rhythm that may be like no other
and cherish those creative and spontaneous moments
with laughter, tears and joy?

Will you hear my ramblings, my grumblings and my distortions
and allow me to see my own irrationalities without
judging or criticizing me,

While also allowing yourself to moan, bitch and complain
so I may listen in kindness and Love,
thereby enabling you, too, to clearly see yourself
so that you may be able to let go of any unnecessary funk?

Will you, time and time again, remind me of my greatness,
my gifts, my humanness, and my incredible Love,

While also allowing me to tell you about your beauty, your kindness,
your soft and tender Heart,
and the incredible authenticity that you always show up in?

Will you make Love with me and with me and with me, and
allow us to jettison into sexual ecstasy regardless of fear,
discomfort and/or inhibitions,

While also allowing me to make Love with you, with you and with you,
that goes beyond any and all expectation or fantasy, and that climaxes
in a spiritual dimension known by only the angels?

Will you tell me your truth, regardless of the vulnerability,
tell me your dreams no matter how silly you think they sound,
tell me your fears no matter how scary, and show me your most
creative expression no matter how bizarre,

While also creating a graceful space for me to do the same, time and
time and time again?

Will you go to new unknown places with me,
so that we, together, may explore the mysteries
and wonders of this majestic Life?

Will you put yourself in my place,
and allow me to put myself in into yours,
so that we may have an understanding
and an empathy so profound that even
a glance will reveal volumes?

Will you stand by me until the end of this Life,
allowing me to comfort and Love you,
while also comforting and Loving me,
so that we may have no regret for all the time that we spent together?

Will you walk with me, talk with me,
laugh with me, cry with me,
dance with me and grow with me?

If so, then let us talk about the possibilities of doing a Life together,
creating a passionate bond and a spiritual journey surpassed by only
the Gods…

Ken Donaldson



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One Response to “Free Love Poem”
  1. Melinda Paige says:

    Hi Ken. Your messages inspire me each time I read them. This one filled my heart with passion and love. Thanks for sharing your gifts with so many. Warmly, Melinda

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