Ken Donaldson on GOALS: Go Out And Live Splendidly!

Ken Donaldson on GOALS

GOALS: Go Out And Live Splendidly!

GOALS is your acronym for the day. Acronyms can make it easier for you to remember the important “stuff” of life.

When you get down to it, what are goals truly for?

They’re designed for you to live your life fully, happily and with the most and best balance possible. Are you? Living fully? Happily? And have best balance possible?

If not, or not to your satisfaction, then maybe it’d a good time to reboot your goals.

So, when you’re in the process of “doing” your goals, make them simple and succinct.

Remember that your goals work best when they are in alignment with your mission, vision and purpose (MVP), and your values, integrity and priorities (VIP).

(Yes, more acronyms!)

But sometimes people resist setting goals. Maybe they’re afraid of not achieving them or maybe they just rebel against structure. It doesn’t matter, but what does matter is you and your goals.

Go write a few down. Make them realistic and measurable, then share them with others who’ll help you stay committed and accountable.

Play with them and don’t take it personal if you come up short. Goals help us learn and grow. They aren’t NOT designed to pressure us or drive us towards the impossible perfection.

Consider all areas of your life: Physical, relational, financial, spiritual, vocational, social, recreational and creative are a few good starting places.

Now, Go Out And Live Splendidly!


And Marry YourSelf First!!






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