Independence Day Poem for You


My Independence Day Poem …just for YOU!!

Independence Day

Sometimes I’m happy…..sometimes so sad

And times of bliss and sometimes just damn mad

I jump for joy….I’m wretched in pain

I have ecstatic moments and times of shame

I’m courageous at times and at times, I fear

I feel so sure….and doubt seems so near

An elated tear and a tear of grief

Confidence abounds, yet fear finds no relief

This is the package of this here life

From the pinnacle of joy to the valley of strife

It all adds color, but sometimes it’s black

Yet rainbows burst forth…emotions never lack

This roller coaster we can simply embrace

Not one single feeling must we ever disgrace

These are expressions form the depths of our Soul

It’s the Yin and the Yang of what makes us whole

So today I do say, “Know what you feel!!”

And embrace every feeling…you see, it’s part of the deal

Our feelings do tell us one thing for sure

We’re alive, yes alive, with emotion so pure

So on this fine day of Independence we say

Embrace yourself wholly as you sing, walk and pray

Realize the freedom you have to express

Now express every feeling and then get some rest!

Yes, express your emotions, and deny not a one

Be Independent like the moon, stars, earth and sun…

~ By Ken Donaldson…and made for you and your loved ones!

P.S. Today is a good day to Marry YourSelf First!



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