Ken Donaldson: A Free Love Poem about Deal Makers and Deal Breakers

Warning: It’s Sunday morning and my wonderful team of
Brenda, Lynne and Shannen all have the day off,
so nobody has proofed this except me, which means you’re liable to find
a bunch of typos…all I ask is that you humor yourSelf with them!

I was driving to get a cup of early morning coffee today when
I quickly noticed the beautiful full moon setting in the western sky.
It reminded me of a poem I wrote a while back…
which, in turn, reminded me of a time when I read the poem
at a very important event. Here’s the whole story…

In my role as a relationship counselor, I have realized
the absolute  importance of  Deal-Makers and Deal-Breakers
for your happiness in life.

Just in case you’re not clear about Deal-Makers and Deal-Breakers,
here’s a quick little review for you:

Deal-Makers – These are the non-negotiable absolutely, positively,
got-to-have characteristics, attributes, qualities, behaviors and/or involvements
that you have to have from another person. If you accept someone who does
not have these, you will set yourself up for unnecessary disappointment.
Never lower your standards or else you lower your self-esteem.

Deal-Breakers – These are the non-negotiable, absolutely, positively,
will-not-accept-ever-ever-ever traits, qualities, behaviors, attitudes and/or
involvements of another person. If you make an exception, you automatically
discount yourself, violate your own boundaries and set yourself up for
unnecessary pain and heartache.

Basically, this is Boundaries 101!

Many years ago, as I struggling with my own Deal-Makers and Deal-Breakers,
I found myself writing a poem which helped me to clarify these important dynamics.

This poem, The Yin and Yang of Perfect Love, has been my guiding light ever since
I wrote it many years ago…it’s always steered me in the best direction.

As it turned out, I read this poem a couple years ago as I was the
Marriage Officiant for a couple friends of mine (Beautiful Tina and Amazing Alex).

Let me digress for a moment, as I’m sure you’ll enjoy the photo from this amazing ceremony:


(Yes, that’s me, the Buddha-looking guy in the middle!)

And I figured since this is the last day of the Love Month,
it’d be appropriate to share this poem with you.

So here it is:

The Yin and Yang of Perfect Love

I am the sun…you are the moon
and you do reflect my every tune

You are the earth and water am I
together we mix creating no lie

I am the wind…you’re the clouds up so high
our energy intermingled all through the sky

You are the fire…I am the wood
together we burn as Life says we should

I am the night…you are the stars
we fill the universe from here to afar

You are the Eagle and I am the sky
we’ll take this here Love and fly it so high

When you are cloudy, I’ll be the sun
and you do same when I’m feeling done

When I’m a river, you’ll be the stone
gently I’ll cleanse you, no more all alone

You be the sunrise, my fog you’ll break through
together we make the sweet morning dew

I am the storm and rainbow are you
complementary energy…we give Life it’s due

Yes, you are the Eagle…I’ll be the tree
a place you may perch from, but fly as you please

And you be the earth for all my roots
together our energy creates loving fruit

And finally I say, let’s answer Life’s call:
Grow as we dance and rise from each fall

sc osprey moon Scan120

Okay, if for some reason you have not written your
Deal-Makers and Deal-Breakers list, do it now…
it matters not if it’s a poetic version and just a list.

Write it…follow it…and live it!

THIS LIST is THE #1 element that is very often ignored in
the Law of Attraction formula.

You’ll only attract to you what you truly want when you live in integrity with yourself.

Sorta like Marry YourSelf First! Gee, where have you heard that before?!!


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5 Responses to “Ken Donaldson: A Free Love Poem about Deal Makers and Deal Breakers”
  1. Sharon Saraga says:

    No typos… Just beautiful! What a way to wake on a Sunday morning and the last day of the month of Love.. I choose to extend it another 10 months! Thank you for you sharing your gifts!

  2. valerie ritchie says:

    Thanks for all your help I really took a long look at my life. I am now leaving my husband who doesn’t love me and leaving a dead end job. I am going to start my life over at almost 48.

  3. Ken Donaldson says:

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. AD says:

    Nice post Ken! Thanks for sharing

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