Ken Donaldson and The EQ ( Emotional Intelligence) Five Step Dance

Ken Donaldson and The EQ Five Step Dance

The EQ Five Step Dance

  1. Stop- count to ten or take a few deep breaths, but do something to stop for a moment
  2. Pause- repeat and expand #1
  3. Think- Consider other options and other ways to look at the situation
  4. Choose- make a conscious choice instead of emotionally reacting
  5. Respond- instead of reacting emotionally you can now respond consciously and more calmly

The EQ, Emotional Intelligence Five Step Dance is very simple, but not necessarily easy. We have a tendency to react instead of consciously responding. This will take practice, probably continual and ongoing practice. Emotional intelligence is a relatively new concept, but something that can help us all. Whether it’s at home with family, in the community with friends or at work with your co-workers, emotional intelligence can only improve your life.

Here are 3 powerful payoffs for using Emotional Intelligence strategies:

  1. Knowing, managing and appropriately expressing your own emotional states.
  2. The ability to detect what others’ emotional states are and knowing how to appropriately respond to such emotional states.
  3. Effectively and appropriately building a bridge of communication and connection between your emotional states and others’ emotional states.

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