Ken Donaldson Answers the Chris Brogan Challenge

My friend Chris Brogan recently challenged me
(well, actually, he “invited” me)
to write about “the importance of the story in my life.”

So here’s the deal:

Living my life as a story means that I’m the author of every day.
I can choose my thoughts carefully, as well as what I say.

I can make this chapter exciting, yes, to hurl the Mojo through the veins.
Or perhaps today the hero I’ll be, extracting all human pain.

Or I can write it bland and boring….it’s absolutely my choice.
I can be quiet and impotent or have a triumphant voice.

As the author of my story, I can play big or small.
I can manifest every great thing, or simply lose it all.

And if I don’t like the ending, I’ll write it again and again.
I’ll make peace with my enemies and everyone becomes my friend.

But in writing such a story, I risk being misunderstood.
My neighbors might make fun of me, and run me from the ‘hood.

But I now must ask myself, as another chapter elapses,
Did I live in discovery or add to my numerous relapses?

Yes I choose to write today, as big and bold as I can.
You see, it matters not what others think, this is simply who I am.

And since I must sleep tonight with me, myself and I,
I choose today to author my life as one uncommon guy.

Uncommon because, I say to you, I’m living outside the lines.
And that, my friend, now I know is Authoring by Design…

(And now, what will YOU write today?)

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One Response to “Ken Donaldson Answers the Chris Brogan Challenge”
  1. Gary Ares says:

    Excellent piece. Your 1st sentence grabbed my brain up by the short nerves; “…I’m the author of every day”. Then, a bit later you used the word “elapses”, which triggered the thought in my mind that living my life like I”m writing the most important book every written, because it is mine, and I just might not be here tomorrow.

    Well, it’s that Brogan guy again, always stirring up the pot to get us to introspect ourselves, and respect others.

    Well done, and thanks for the words of inspiration.

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