Ken Donaldson: Dealing with Loss and Grief

Ken Donaldson, LMHC, Sadness, Loss and Grief

I received one of those phone calls you never want to receive last week.

A good friend shared with me that her son of 25 years had suddenly, and unexpectedly, transitioned.

What a shock…25 years young.

I did my best to offer some comfort, but I know there are no words that come close to taking away the pain. She was depressed, as any parent would be under these circumstances.

It’s difficult, to say the least, to know how to respond to these things, especially to a parent.

It’s difficult, as well, to figure out “why” these things happen.

I was asked to share something as they celebrated his life at a beautiful ceremony this past Sunday.

In the midst of all the emotion, I did my best to get something together and speak, but felt such a mixture of feelings, I’m sure what I said was far less effective than my “normal” presentation style.

I felt deeply humbled by the whole process…and reminded of how quickly this life can change.

Anyway, what I shared was a poem I wrote that describes (to me) the transitional process.

I thought I’d share it with you and request that if you like it, and it makes sense, pass it on to others who might gain some benefit or comfort from it.

Also, all the more reason to be grateful for today and all that you DO have honor Life!

Beyond the Fences

Beyond the fences my Soul now goes
And into the Eternal forever I flow
Out of the boxes and old ways of being
I dance the new dance…a new way of seeing

Any old hurt and any old shame
Is now released in this brand new game
I forever embrace this moment of time
My own unique song of rhythm and rhyme

I now speak my truth and live higher than high
I hang with the angels as I soar in the sky
Beauty bestows me on this new path
Forever released from all bondage and wrath

I can see clearly and know now Life’s call
Forever connected, me, you and all
And for this here life, I do rejoice
I say, “Live this day fully, let that be your choice”

I’ll laugh and cry with you, my friends
And when I get done, I’ll do it again and again
I live now in circles of Truth, Love and Care
Think of me often and the Life we have shared

Find time today to give thanks and pray
For this has been, yet, another wonderful day
Yes, beyond the old fences I live now my Life
I cheerfully dance and release all old strife

And beyond the fences my Soul does now go
This dance of myself, forever will flow…

Ken “Keni Lee” Donaldson

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