Ken Donaldson: Extraordinary Relationships

Ken Donaldson on Anything But Ordinary Radio - Extraordinary Relationships

Hear Wednesday’s interview- Anything But Ordinary Radio
– Extraordinary Relationships

It was one of the better interviews I’ve been a part of. Extraordinary relationships
is a topic I could never turn down a conversation about.

Of course, host of the show and friend Michael McCleary,
does a great job…he made it easy for me…and fun!!

In this episode Michael McCleary will explore the subject
of creating extraordinary relationships in your personal
and business life! The guest for this episode is the
author of the book Marry Yourself First, Ken Donaldson!

I share my own story and how Marry YourSelf First came to be.

I include my challenges with the law, addiction treatment and relapses,
before I “woke up.”

I invite the listeners to look at the recovery side of life, but to also going beyond
into “discovery.” Discover where you’ve never gone, what you’ve never thought,
and discover your personal greatness.

Give a listen and learn more about yourself and maybe even discover some
new relationship tools and techniques.

I know you’ll like it…so will your friends…go ahead…
impress them with who you know!

And remember to Marry YourSelf First! 

Happy Friday!

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