Ken Donaldson: Go Beyond

Ken Donaldson writes Go Beyond poem about Faith, Hope and Love. So take the leap now and settle for no less – You were put here, my friend, to be the very best!

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Go Beyond

Beyond the fences of what you know
Awaits the possibility-land, yes, so full of flow
So perhaps now you’ll answer the invitation
And discover more passion and more creation

The Land of all Possibility does call your name
And requests that you play not any small game
You are here for your bigness and the gifts thereof
To practice true Faith, Hope, and yes, Love

So take now a leap into all you can be
And shed past conditioning and be truly free
Waste not this life by allowing unnecessary fear
But rather, take control of this Life that you solely steer

And drive yourself, yes, out of your mind
To a much bigger place to find your true find
Come now, my friend, it’s just beyond the fences
On the other side there are no pretenses

You will soon see and feel possibility
Yes, this is the place you’ll find your truest integrity
So take now the leap and settle for no less
You were put here, my friend, to be the very best

~Ken “Keni Lee” Donaldson


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