Ken Donaldson: Goal-Setting and Goal-Getting

Ken Donaldson Goal Setting and Goal Getting

Ever wonder why more people don’t make the changes that would be best for them?

(Ever wonder why you don’t either?)

I was perusing the internet looking for research on goals and I discovered something very interesting.

There isn’t much.

At least that I could find or that was really reliable.

But what I did find was rather alarming.

Most people (about 80%) never set goals for themselves.

Most people who set goals (another 80%) never achieve them.

Take these numbers with a big grain of salt because they may not be truly accurate.

Suffice to say, however, that the vast majority of people do not either make goals or keep the goals they make.


One reason: Overwhelm.

People feel overwhelmed and go away from the overwhelm.

It’s actually our “normal” reaction to avoid overwhelm.

Yes…we are wired to go away from overwhelm.

The brain is programmed to alert you to anything that could be potentially dangerous and go away from it.

Fight or flight…you’ve heard of that no doubt.

The problem, however, is that goals are not dangerous.

In facts, goals are actually the opposite of dangerous.

Having NO goals is much more dangerous than having goals.

So the first step to effective goal-setting and goal-getting is to calm your mind.

Or at least realize that when the inner alarm sounds, there is no need to be alarmed.

In fact, if you can harness all that fear-based energy towards the goal, guess what happens?

Goal Accomplishment and Success!

Athletes know this all too well.

They take all that “anxiety” and they channel into their game.

Performers from every conceivable arena know and do the same.

So do extraordinary sales people.

And now you can too.

The first step: Make only one goal.

Allow you mind to really become comfortable with this whole goal thing.

Set one goal, then accomplish it, then set another.

Let your mind get used to goals.

Then set only two and accomplish those.

Start small and grow.

Additionally, visualize yourself achieving these goals with effortless ease and grace.

This sometimes can be challenging but if you practice over and over you will do it!

Be a goal-setting AND a goal-getter!

And today is a great day to:

Marry YourSelf First!



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