Ken Donaldson: Gratitude for the Beauty of Life

Gratitude for the Beauty of Life
I’m blessed to have traveled and capture much of what I’ve experienced with my camera. When I look back at these images, they warm my soul. Remember being there with that moment of beauty and awe. I then remember reviewing the images on my computer later in the day. Smiles, smile, and more smiles. The gift that keeps on giving. I’m very grateful for the gratitude I’ve experienced. I have gratitude for the beauty of life!
But the greatest gift, and the most pleasure I experience is when I share this images with others. Not everyone enjoys them all, but most people enjoy some of the beauty that was captured photographically.
It’s been said that a photographer has his heart warmed at least three times by every image he keeps. The first being there to witness the unique beauty of that unique moment. Then, the second is when it’s seen on the computer and tweaked to it’s highest beauty. Lastly, but far from least, when it’s shared with others.
I hope maybe you’ll take a few minutes and enjoy these images. Maybe it’ll inspire you to pick up your camera and go find and capture some of the beauty around you. Share with others so you’re heart with be warmed too.
Take some time to discover you’re grateful for.

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