Ken Donaldson Introduces the The F-Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction…

You’ve heard of it, right?

Here’s a reminder: Some people thought it was “The Secret.

You know, “the secret” formula that would bring you riches, fortune and fame.

Well, I actually believed in it…and still do…but not so much…well, not exactly.

Let me explain…

The Law of Attraction was most recently described – more or less –
as “the energy you create and put out into the Universe is the same
energy that will be returned to you.”

It’s also very similar to written an old sacred text: You reap what you sow.

And, as well, it was also written in another older sacred text as:
As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.
(They spoke and wrote funny way back then.)

Sounds clear, rather simple and, above all, easy, right?

Wrong! Sorry, life doesn’t give us shortcuts.

Although I will, say life does give us “formulas” that work when properly applied.

Look at the word “attraction” for a moment…what do the last 6 letters spell?

If there was any “secret” this is it: A-C-T-I-O-N!!

Massive, targeted, focused action!

And that is where most people fall down.

I have known thousands of people from around the world who have
“semi-applied” the law of attraction, and most of them have gotten little or no response.

Myself included.

Why? We didn’t get into “proper” action.

I asked myself why…and then I went back to what I believe is the real cookbook for the
Law of Attraction…at least for me (and tens of millions of others): Think and Grow Rich.

Napoleon Hill, who I casually refer to as “Uncle Nappy”, did the research for most of his life.
Has asked tens of thousands of people, successful people and unsuccessful people,
what they did to create their success (or lack thereof).

Originally he discovered 13 principles of success, but as he continued to research
throughout his lifetime, he discovered 4 more principles.

Here’s the list, with some minor editing to make the terms a bit more understandable
(they were originally written in the language of the early 1900’s; a bit archaic I thought):

•    Definiteness of Purpose

•    Mastermind Alliance

•    Applying Faith

•    Go the Extra Mile

•    Pleasing Personality

•    Personal Initiative

•    Positive Mental Attitude

•    Balanced Enthusiasm

•    Discipline of the Self

•    Accurate Thinking

•    Controlled Attention: Focus

•    You and Me: Teamwork

•    Reframe Adversity

•    Creative Vision

•    Health Maintenance

•    Budget: Time and Money

•    Attraction Principles

So, after seeing that and reading that, can you see that there’s a whole lot more to this law of attraction stuff!!

That’s why I think, as well as many others, that this has become The (F)Law of Attraction.

People don’t think they have to work at creating their prosperity.

It takes physical AND mental energy…lots of it!!

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the bottom line: You will have to work for what you want!

Work hard, in fact, and also work smart.

Here’s what I suggest…I call it my “four-step”:

1.    Create a powerfully huge vision for your life

2.    Write out the goals that will fulfill the vision…
SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Oriented

3.    Break down the goals into more specific plans and projects

4.    Out of the plans and projects, make action steps: The smallest actions you take, starting today, to be moving towards your vision

THEN, stay in alignment with it all…stay focused…follow Nappy’s 17 principles every day in every way.

You’ll get there if you do all that.

Oh, by the way, Nappy said that only about 5% of the people actually applied all this stuff.
I figure YOU must be in that 5% since you’re reading this.

Now go for it!!

By the way, since you’re a loyal subscriber, I also made you a success “cheat sheet.”

Just click on the button below and you’ll have access to a chart, similar to what
Benjamin Franklin used to track his daily virtues, but used with Nappy’s success principles.

I think we can all use a little guidance, accountability and feedback, right?!!

Oh yeah, remember: A-C-T-I-O-N!!

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One Response to “Ken Donaldson Introduces the The F-Law of Attraction”
  1. John Delevoryas says:

    Good points,Ken. Nappy’s deal with TANGIBLE results like wealth,fame and the like. No One ever mentions getting in tune with the Universe or asking to do the will of the Universe(God).We are finite beings here for a very short time,and suddenly we are gone into infinity whence no one has returned. All we have is faith that there is more than this. So many people tugging at us to listen to them,when all we have to do is listen to our heart! I don’t have the answers, Ken, but will never give up.Thank you.

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