Relationship Counselor Ken Donaldson and What to do with Insecurities and Jealousy that can Ruin Relationships

This is a dynamic that is, unfortunately, very commonplace in relationships today. Always know that if you’re feeling jealousy or have insecurities, it’s on you to resolve it. In other words, it’s YOUR issue!

It is a great opportunity for you to take a deep look inside yourself and really ask yourself, “What is it that I feel insecure or jealous about? What is it about ME that’s causing this?” If you have insecure feelings with somebody else or have jealousy, know that’s just a projection…a projection of something going on deep inside of you.

Yes, it’s so much easier for us to look outwardly and put the focus on another person and try to make it about them. To even look at the other person and say, “They did this that caused me to feel jealous or insecure.”

But that couldn’t be any farther from the truth. If somebody is doing something that is that outlandish, or that’s breaking trust, that is an obvious deal-breaker and you need to think about why you’re in that relationship…period!

But what CAN YOU do about these insecurities and feelings of jealousy? First, it’s good to know that this most likely comes from some place deep inside that is typically connected to an old wound. In fact, it often comes from events that have occurred very early in life.

(Side note: This would be a great time to hook up with a therapist and have somebody to guide you through the healing process!)

It’s time to do a thorough examination and inventory of yourself and your history, and ask yourself, “what were the primary messages that I received” about:

  • my self-worth?
  • relationships?
  • who I am?
  • my looks?
  • my capabilities?
  • others?

These messages are not always obvious and often they may have been expressed in a more subtle way. Through looks, body language, facial expressions or even silence. So even though you may have been brought up in a really healthy and normal environment, there may have been some other things that you picked up on that were just really subtle messages. And you may have made you own conclusions based on incorrect assumptions or interpretations.

But really ask yourself this one core question: How did I feel about myself when I was growing up. And then also ask yourself:

  • What’s my history in past relationships?
  • Have I been burned?
  • Is there any unresolved energy there that’s starting to rear its ugly head?
  • Have I been taken advantage of?
  • Have I been cheated on?

Here’s the bottom-line to this whole jealousy and insecurity issue: Things that are unresolved from childhood or past relationships will continually come up until you put them to rest!

If you leave a relationship, the issues will follow you to the next and the next and the next…in fact, you’ll probably even pick the same kind of person because there is so much unresolved energy going on at a subconscious level.

The message to the subconscious mind has to be that the “war” is over, all is now safe, and it’s now time for peace. When there are significant unresolved issues, our mind can get stuck at the subconscious level and play over and over like a broken record. This is particularly true when there has been something really traumatic. And if you don’t know how to “scratch the record” and get it to jump into the present, then it’ll keep playing that at a subconscious level.

Start with these simple exercises:
1. Write an uncensored letter to any and all past partners who you felt had hurt or betrayed you in any way. Include all your feelings and emotions. Write until you can’t write any more. Then have a ceremony and burn the letters. Release the resentment…the grudges…the hurts.

2. Imagine that you bring “younger you” into the present. What would you want to express to him or her about life…relationships…and him or herself? Think about how you would affirm, acknowledge, support, care for, love and protect that younger part of you. Do this daily and create a “corrective experience.”

So, if you find yourself feeling jealous and insecure, it is a great time for YOU to do some healing and growing…embrace the moment!

(Second side note: Again, this would be a great time to hook up with a therapist and have somebody to guide you through the healing process!)


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2 Responses to “Relationship Counselor Ken Donaldson and What to do with Insecurities and Jealousy that can Ruin Relationships”
  1. Barbara Thomas says:


    I tried building a relationship with a man I met for the last nine months. It didn’t work out. I spent a lot of time in your seminars so I know some things and have tried to practice them with the relationship. I am not perfect at it though. This guy could certainly use this stuff that you send out; insecurity, jealousy, communication, etc. I would like to email him this information so he could benefit from it. Should I? What do I say to him to introduce the information without causing more conflict? What are your thoughts on this?

  2. Ken Donaldson says:

    Hi Barbara-

    Sounds like you have nothing to lose at this point. Remember this however: He may not be as open as you are, therefore he may reject the help and the information. If you are prepared for this and will NOT take it personally, then go for it. Otherwise, I’d say leave it alone and move on.

    Best to you!


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