Ken Donaldson: New Year Poem

New Year

What will you do with this New Year?
Will it be happy and full of cheer?
Will you, yes, live in passion and power?
And be truly fulfilled in new every hour?


Yes, what will you do with this New Year?
Will you take time to heal every old tear?
And live in the purpose that guides your path
And commit to let go of all useless wrath

Yes, this is the time to embrace this New Year
To make a commitment to not live in fear
But rather, I say, to live with true courage
And with each brother and sister, only encourage

As you now enter, yes, this brand New Year
Live from the present, the place we call “here”
Fear not the future and grieve not the past
But live every moment as if it’s your last


Yes, on this first day of this happy New Year
Remember your friends and loved ones so dear
Be grateful, I say, and count every blessing
And cast out the thoughts which are only distressing

PrintSo, what will you do now with this New Year?
Will you embrace it and see it so clear
Yes, give it the focus of vision and goals
And this year will give you a life fully whole

So I now say about this New Year
I am a blessed man and I hope you can hear
Take every challenge and find, yes, the gift
The gift is the lesson that will make your life shift

Come with me now into this New Year
And go, yes, so boldly as a true pioneer
Play only big and never look back
Reap only diamonds and ignore any lack…

Ken “Keni Lee” Donaldson

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