Ken Donaldson on Charlie Sheen and (Bad) Goal Setting


Goals…some make sense and some don’t.

Take Charlie Sheen…do you think his goals today were the same they were 10 years ago?

It would appear that (maybe) he got off track somewhere.

Perhaps that’s an understatement.

But what about you and your goals?

Do you have a way of keeping yourself on track?

In other words, do you have clearly defined indicators that will feed back to you quickly, simply and automatically? Indicators that say, “Yes, you’re on track.” And indicators that say, “Hey you’re getting off track.”

It would appear that Charlie doesn’t have these types of indicators.

No one knows at this point where he’ll end up, but it’s not looking too good.

But then again, maybe he has some very masterful plan with very clear goals and well thought out indicators to help get him to his desired outcome…and maybe not!

More importantly is you and your goals.

There are many, many shiny little objects, bells, whistles and intriguing invitations in the world today…and there are more and more all the time.

What will you do to stay focused on your goals?

What will you do to “keep the most important thing, the most important thing?”

So here’s the simple formula:

  • Create a very attractive vision that intertwines with your purpose
  • Set the goals that will fulfill your vision (they should be challenging but not impossible even though they may feel and look impossible)
  • Then break the goals down into actionable steps
  • Go into action
  • Add to that the parameters and boundaries that will keep you focused
  • And a powerful support system

There you have it: Your winning goal-setting and goal -getting formula!


Hey, today is a great day to Marry YourSelf First!




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