Manage YOU First: Who Are YOU, Really??

Ken Donaldson -Manage YOU First- Who Are YOU, Really??

Manage YOU First- Who Are YOU, Really??

Who am I,” is the $50 million dollar existential question of all time. Of course, close to follow, with an equal amount of existential angst, is, “Why am I here?

If you know the answer to both of those questions and are also living your life in accordance, then you are most definitely in the minority. Both of these questions help people discover their “Life Purpose.”

But why pursue one’s life purpose? And perhaps, too, you may ask, “Do I have to have a ‘purpose’?

No, is the short answer, but there is some interesting research shedding light on the positive aspects of knowing your life purpose.

Research from the University of California San Francisco suggests that knowing one’s life purpose and living according to it helps improve both physical and psychological health.

That’s one good reason, yes?!

Additionally, the Chicago Tribune concluded that knowing one’s life purpose leads to higher overall happiness.

Another good reason, yes?!

Furthermore, the Harvard Business Review shows specifically how knowing one’s life purpose enhances leadership abilities.

There are many more reasons and pieces of research, but what about YOU? Do YOU know YOUR life purpose?

The average person would say, “No.”

Do you want to be an average person? Or would you like to raise the bar on yourself and become extraordinary?

There are numerous directions to go next, but if you’re ready to go on this life purpose journey, let’s start with the next empowering question:

  • Why is this journey important to YOU?

Great! Stay tuned and together we’ll figure this all out.

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