Managing That Person in the Mirror (First)

What is the one constant in your life, no matter where you go, how you feel, what you do or whom you’re with?

Answer: You.

You can’t get away from you anymore than I can get away from me (although I have tried numerous times).

But why would you want to? After all, you completely love, adore and accept that wonderful soul in the mirror, right?

Oh?…Maybe not so much?

It’s so easy for us to get focused on other people, other places and other things that are not our own.

And how very convenient.

When we focus outwardly we distract ourselves from having to look inwardly. And it is in our “inners” that our greatest greatness lies as well as our ugliest ugly.

But is it really the ugliest ugly or is it a series of experiences mixed in with some history and conditioning that creates these perceptions?

And what about that “greatest greatness?”

Does that sound too grandiose, over-inflated and self-saturated?

Let us segue for a moment and think of an oak tree.

Does that oak tree think it’s ugly? No, not from any science we’ve discovered as of today, because the oak tree apparently doesn’t have a consciousness and therefore cannot think.

But does the oak tree downplay its greatest greatness? No, of course not.  It just simply grows as big and magnificent as it can.

So then, are we really any different than the oak tree? Yes, in that we do have a consciousness.

But aren’t we here for the same reason:
To grow and become as magnificent as we can?

Hard to argue with that.

Here’s what happens: We are born in a perfect condition, meaning that we have no flaws in our perception of ourselves or of the world. This form of perfect is not ego driven, just meaning the perfect self.

The one and only perfect and unique you.

BUT, then we are exposed to life. We interpret things, are told things and make decisions about life, some of which are true and many of which are not true.

But since we don’t know the difference, we go on through life believing all that we’ve interpreted.

These are commonly referred to as “stories.” They are our beliefs about others, the world and ourselves.

For example, some people believe that they must perform at a certain level in order to be worthy and accepted by others. These often become the workaholics of the world. Always driven to do more, do better, go faster and get it all done now, if not quicker.

Think these people might also be prone to health challenges? Yes, these are the “heart attack waiting to happen” people. They kill themselves in an attempt to be more.

Other people believe they have to be loved and accepted by others in order to feel any self worth.  These are the people-pleasing codependents of the world, always trying to get the approval of others, always to the detriment of themselves.

These people, unfortunately, often end up in unfulfilling and sometimes abusive relationships and never leave due to this belief they have.

Then there is another group of people who believe they can’t change, that this is how they’ve been, how they are and how they will always be. There is often an element of shame somewhere in the mix that suggests that there is an unworthiness of change.

These people give up on themselves and usually settle for mediocre jobs, friends and living situations.

And finally, there are people who have a mix of some or all of these beliefs.  Each erroneous belief enables and enhances another.  These are the people who live with little or no hope of anything ever being any different.

And to think, this all started from some conditioning and perceptions that were formed into a story that these people now believe to be their “truth.”

Here’s something new and different to try out: Write a new story about your perfect greatness.

Yes, the perfectness of you. Doesn’t mean that you don’t make mistakes or don’t have flaws, but that you are in alignment with the perfect you that was born and put here in this lifetime. Then, take that perfect “youness” and make it into utmost greatness.

Imagine that you could live without limits. That all doubts and inadequacies are gone and you now believe only that you succeed at the highest level. And that all your goals are being fulfilled. Plus, that you live in abundance and prosperity beyond what the conditioned mind ever even considered possible.

Try living and thinking that way for a couple of weeks and see what happens.

What have you got you lose?

Might see that person in the mirror in a whole new light.


Marry YourSelf First!

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