Marry YourSelf First! Success Principle #1: Life Purpose

Ken Donaldson  Purpose of Life

Ken Donaldson on the Purpose of Life

Allow your life purpose to be the flashlight to keep you on the pathway of your life.

How’s this for a starter: The purpose of life is to have purpose in your life. Now I know it sounds like I’m playing with words but what life purpose is really all about is answering the $50 million question that’s been asked over the ages: Why am I here? Yes, why ARE you here and what are you supposed to be doing with this life of yours?

Now, I don’t have to tell you that there are a lot of people who are wandering around today feeling pretty lost. In fact, the research says that somewhere between 75% and 80% of the US working population right now is unhappy with their current job situation. A big part of those dreadful stats is due in part to those people having NOT discovered their life purpose. Therefore they’re in a job that they just don’t resonate with. Their job has no alignment with who they really are. And so these same people end up really living a purposeless life or living according to somebody else’s purpose. Instead of living on purpose, they’re living accidentally.

The purpose of your life purpose is to keep you on the pathway of your life, to keep you focused in answering the question of “Why am I here?” When you have the answer to that question and you’ve discovered your life purpose, you’ll find your life more fulfilling. Then, you’ll have more to look forward to and you’ll feel better about yourself, your life and where you are going.

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If Heaven made him – earth can find some use for him. ~Chinese Proverb


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