Marry YourSelf First: The Ken Donaldson Annual Thanksgiving RAP


With some rhythm and soul I offer
the traditional T’Day RAP
(Rhythmic Alternative Poetry) for you

(Say it with a beat and it’ll help you
digest your T’Day meal even that much better!!)

Giving Thanks

So I’m givin’ thanks, oh yes I am
Gimme some paper and gimme a pen
Gotta be thankful for the way I’m livin’
Gotta be grateful on this Thansgivin’

For many great people who love to support me
For the place I live and just bein’ free
And for the air I breathe and the land I walk
For just being able to sing and shout and talk

And gotta be thankful for my creative spirit
As the morning dove, oh I love to hear it
Gotta be grateful for the work I do
For my clients and my colleagues, yeah, I love them too

And how ‘bout the sunrise and the great sunsets
This life is great, but it gets better yet
Grateful to be able to go to new places
And to meet new people and see new faces

And surely I’m grateful for all my possessions
Having good friends who’ll hear my confessions
And I’m even thankful for the losses and the grief
‘Cause they make me realize lettin’ go invites relief

(And I’m even so grateful for all my past romantic love
‘Cause today I do know, no longer must I shove)

But most of all, what I’m thankful for
Is just this great life that gives me more and more
I shout to the heavens and today I do say, “Thanks!!”
I’m investing now in gratitude, you can take that to the bank


Marry YourSelf First!


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