Marry YourSelf First: What’s Your P.L.A.N.?

Marry YourSelf First: What’s Your P.L.A.N.?

Very interesting and synchronistic things happen when I prepare for
a presentation.

Sometimes, without even trying or expecting, I discover something
very cool.

Creative energy at its finest moment.

Poof! And a new idea, concept, thought, tool, resource comes out
of nowhere.

Or maybe it was always there just waiting to come to the surface.

Regardless of how it happens, it’s quite cool and I highly
recommend it…meaning, I highly recommend you get into your
creative energy and manifest some new, cool “stuff”!

Here’s what I discovered as I was preparing last week for the
Marry YourSelf First!® Fun-Shop: P.L.A.N.

Yes, it’s an acronym…another acronym.

I like acronyms because they make it easier for me to remember
things…and probably work the same way for you too…hopefully.

Acknowledge and Affirm

That’s it! And allow me to elaborate a bit…

First, it’s always good to have a plan. As the old cliché goes:
People don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan.

And I have been very BAD about planning at times in my life.

In fact, I hired a new business coach a couple months ago because
my lack of planning was creating a lack of productivity.

Yes…I was spinning out of control!

Enter Robin Lavitch –
my new life and business coach, and with her help I immediately
I saw the issue – the absence of plans and systems-
and immediately she began to help me remedy things.

Results: More focus, more structure, less stress, more happiness
and…MUCH better bottomline!

But let’s get back to PLAN…

First the P

Prepare: Preparation starts with knowing where you’re going.
In other words, it means having a target to aim for or at.

This is called having a Vision.

So: Do you have a Vision created for your life?
Do YOU know where you’re going?

Or as Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland) said,
“If you don’t know where you are going, any road
will get you there…”

Yikes, any road will get you to nowhere!

Prepare…create your Vision.

Know exactly what your Vision is (use a Vision Map) and
constantly be reminded of that.

Surround yourself with visual reminders of where you’re going!

Impress and embed it into and onto
your subconscious mind.

See it every day.


The L

Launch: Get into Action…Right Action.

Let me explain…

In the course of a day, there are many, many people, events,
circumstances and unplanned entities which will try to
take your time, energy and focus.

You can “be in action” addressing many, many tasks, but are
they the “right” tasks?

Are your actions in alignment with your Vision?

If so, then great…alignment means you have integrity with yourself.

However, if your actions are NOT in alignment with your Vision,
then guess what?

You’re not only out of integrity with yourself, you’re likely
WAY off the path of where you’ve been intending to go.

SO…it’s imperative that your Actions be Right Actions,
meaning that they are in alignment with your Vision…
or else you’ll never get there!

Here’s where simple good old-fashioned planning comes in.

Write your necessary actions. I recommend (actually,
Robin recommended this and I’m now doing it…
so basically I’ve paid Robin to pass this info on to you…
yes, you’re getting FREE coaching!) you write out
your goals for the next 2-5 years.

Then break those goals down to what you need to
accomplish this next month.

Then break those down to what you’ll focus on this week.

Next, write these goals into your daily schedule…
and this is where many people (including me!!) get tripped up…
they don’t get into their everyday scheduling and therefore,
these other “urgencies” take over and steal productive time!

Yes: Launch into Right Action. Next…

The A

Acknowledge and Affirm: a.k.a. Celebrate your accomplishments!

We respond very well to positive strokes, or what we in the
world of “psychobabble” like to call Positive Reinforcement.

It’s been proven hundreds of times in research that you are
much more likely to repeat a behavior or set of behaviors
when you create a positive reinforcement afterwards.

SO…it’s time to have a little (or big!!) party when you
accomplish your tasks and goals.

Yes, reinforce your efforts and
you’re more likely to repeat your efforts.

That’s one way you re-train your brain.

And lastly…

The N


Yes, you MUST start now.

Too much has already been said about procrastination.

The sad reality is that we now live in a “Procrastination Nation.”

You CANNOT look around and base your choices and decisions on
what the masses are doing because the masses aren’t doing much.

Actually, they are doing a lot…of complaining, blaming, gossiping,
running around scared, etc….and not too much in the productive realm!

I know that sounds harsh, critical and judgmental, and
I’ll own every ounce of it, and it’s true… in my humble
(and accurate!) opinion.

Surround yourself with winners

These are the people who are marching to the beat of their own drum.

People who’ll support your BIG goals and plans. People who
will love you through all the mistakes and “failures” and
kick you in the butt should you start to slip in procrastination gear.

Yes, start today doing something in alignment with your PLAN.

Otherwise, you’re failing without a plan.

That’s for sure…and you deserve to be winning with your PLAN!

After all, you ARE a Winner!

Win with a P.L.A.N.!

Peace and Prosperity…

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