Ken Donaldson Photography

Ken Donaldson Photography
Ken Donaldson Photography: Because it’s good for the Soul…

You might be asking yourself, “Why is there a Ken Donaldson Photography page on a mental health counselor’s website?

I’m so glad you asked.

Photography has been a big part of my life, and of my life balance for many years. Through it, I access my creativity. Also, since it usually involves walking and/or hiking in nature, it helps my physical health and wellbeing.

But the biggest part of my life that photography impacts is my spirituality. I like to say, “I find God through the lens of my camera.”

Having a camera in my hand forces me to look at things differently.

I look for things I don’t normally look for. It could be as small as weed pushing itself through the crack of a sidewalk or as big a cloud formation across the sky.

I look for things I might typically go right past. For example, I might hear a bird’s unique song and then patiently wait for it to show itself.

I look for stories and metaphors about Life.

The butterfly flitting its way through a windy day reminds me of the great transformation it goes through, and how we all go through changes just like it. (You might have noticed the butterfly in my logo.)

Giant Swallowtail on Plumbago Flower by Ken Donaldson, Seminole, Florida

The sun rising again on another day reminds me that life keeps showing up with brand new light to guide us through and to our challenges and opportunities.

Photography slows me down.

It helps me feel more grateful.

It reminds me of my purpose and my priorities.

Photography, in many ways, is like a moving meditation.

It helps me reset and get back into sync with myself.

I used to “take” pictures.

Now I try to “make” pictures.

What’s the difference? “Taking” pictures felt like a competition. How many could I “take” and how many different places and scenes could I “take” in one day?

On the other hand, “making” pictures, is contemplative. It requires being aware and connected with life around me. Often times, it’s not about getting an image, but rather, having an experience.

My camera has guided me to much more life and beauty than I would have ever discovered otherwise.

I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had because I had a camera in my hand. Some resulted in making an image, and others I just connected with the moment, without being attached to get an image of it.

So to summarize, that’s why there’s a Ken Donaldson Photography page on this mental health counselor’s website. Photography has helped with my own emotional and mental wellness.

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