Seven Steps to Stressless Success

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Seven Steps to Stressless Success

1.)  Create a life vision and visit it daily.

2.)  Live from the goals that reinforce your vision.

3.)  Learn and implement your personal boundaries.

4.)  Participate in supportive communities.

5.)  Feed your mind, body, heart and soul.

6.)  Keep what is most important, most important.

7.)  Consciously breathe, smile and, of course, laugh!


That’s it! Seven steps to stressless success. That doesn’t mean there’ll be no stress, it means that there will be less stress. And with less stress there is always more success.

This simple AND difficult. Simple because there are only seven steps. Difficult because you’ll likely be stepping out of your comfort zone. Plus, you’ll be creating new patterns in your life and we often resist change without even realizing it.

Vision, boundaries, goals, support, healthy living, values, priorities and humor. What could be easier?

If it was so easy, everyone would be doing it. It’s a challenge. Are you up for a challenge?

People will often say that they want to improve the quality of their lives, but fail to take the necessary action to actually change permanently. Intention without action is like a boat with no rudder: It’ll coast as it’s directed from sources outside itself.

Who’s in charge of your life?


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