Shift Happens, So Always Have Spare Change

Ken Donaldson Shift Happens, So Always Have Spare Change

Ken Donaldson says, “Shift Happens, So Always Have Spare Change”

Got any spare change?

Surely someone has approached you in your lifetime who’s posed this question to you, right? Regardless of how you responded, there’s something rather profound in the question.

Do you have any spare change? In other words, are you allowing space and flexibility in your life for change?

I think it’d be fair to assume that people often resist change, even if it’s potentially positive change.


Change involves change (I know, I’m brilliant) and in my experience people resist it because it’s new, different, uncertain, unfamiliar and often uncomfortable.

Even though our rational mind may see the positive benefits clear as day, our primitive mind (the “caveman brain” I like to call it) feels threatened by anything new due to its possibly unpredictable nature.

Additionally, there are some people, or maybe even many, who don’t even believe they have the ability to change.

What’s ironic about all this is that we’re wired for change. In the middle of a crisis (i.e. fire in your house), you’ll rise to the occasion immediately, do something you wouldn’t normally do, and step WAY out of your normal comfort zone.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.
Therefore, have some spare change.

You’ve likely heard that statement and probably even said it yourself at one time or another. But within that simple cliché is profound truth.

If you don’t allow change to occur in your life, then there’s a high likelihood that your life won’t change much, or at all.

New clients often come to see me because they want something to be different in their lives, but many times they want the change to be external (their spouse, boss, neighbor, relative, etc.), not internal (themselves).

My job is to help them recognize, and embrace, the changes they can make to improve their lives, while supporting them and coaching them through the process.

But some don’t like the idea that they themselves must do the changing. Some become upset with me because I’m pointing out that they only have control over themselves, and therefore, only they can do the changing.

I have a rather large collection of files in which there is only one page and one note. I call these “the one and done” clients. My assumption is that many of them just didn’t want to change. (The others, I suspect, either just didn’t like me or weren’t ready to “do the work.”)

Here are a few ideas to ponder regarding change:

  • Are you open to new and different people, places and experiences in your life, even though it may be out of your comfort zone?
  • Write down what you would like to change in your life
  • Then, write a few action steps you could take to make those changes.
  • Ask for some help, coaching, or accountability from either a professional or people in your inner circle.
  • Stay on the path of change even when it might feel scary, uncertain or terrifying

Life is always shifting and changing, some of which we have control over and some not. If you allow yourself to be open, flexible and fluid, you’ll be ready to make changes, assist your personal growth and open yourself up to the land of all possibilities.

So, got any spare change?
I hope so.

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