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Stop Fighting and Start Relationship, Couples and Marriage Counseling

Shift out of pain and dysfunction into a stronger, more supportive relationship with yourself and your partner.

The best relationships begin with self. When you honor who you truly are, your values, purpose and authenticity, you can welcome others into a healthy, loving, supportive, fun and passionate relationship with you.

Let’s face it, relationships can be difficult. In my 30+ years in the world of counseling, this is the area where the most people come to see me. Most of us are aware of the staggering 50% of first marriages that end in divorce, and second and third marriages have even worse success rates.

Plus, over 30% of all women will be abused by their partner at some point in their lives. These are alarming facts that proving that relationships are one of our biggest challenges.

However, with a little help and guidance, most people can improve the quality of their relationships. When couples follow through with the appropriate treatment plan, there’s a drastic improvement in the quality of their relationships with each other and in their individual lives.

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