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Depression Counseling for Men, Women and Couples

What does it feel like to be depressed? 

Aside from the general feeling of “blah,” there’s the indecision. Maybe it takes you 20 minutes in a grocery aisle to choose a spaghetti sauce. 

Then there’s the irritability. Maybe you find your spouse, kids, or your dog suddenly too annoying for words. And, when your mood is rubbed the wrong way, you lash out, far out of scale to the situation. Your spouse, for instance, reminds you to pick up milk, and you snarl.

If it gets bad enough, just getting out of bed to shower and brush your teeth may seem as challenging as a 10-mile run.

ATTENTION: If you or a loved one is currently experiencing thoughts or plans of suicide, call 911 or another emergency service immediately.

Yes, being depressed isn’t one of life’s greatest experiences. However, there’s plenty of good news. These days, the medical condition called depression is highly treatable with the majority of folks successfully recovering. 

While depression tells you there’s no point to seeking help, depression is wrong. There’s every reason to ask for help, because help exists and, luckily, we live in a time when depression doesn’t have to be a matter of “pulling up your bootstraps and getting on with life.”

Instead, let’s treat it like the medical condition it is and right the ship with support and gentle self-care.

If you’d like more specific information on persistent depressive disorder/dysthymic disorder, postpartum depression, psychotic depression, seasonal affective disorder, bipolar disorder or depression or depression and older adults, plus the different symptoms and depression treatments, there is a free download for you. Additionally, for even more comprehensive information, go to National Institute of Mental Health.

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