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Do You Have A Stress Transmutation Device? Read On…

I want to talk with you about a very sensitive matter: STD.

Yes, I know just looking at it…


and seeing it and thinking
about it causes some uncomfortable feelings.

And you know that NOT talking about something doesn’t make it go away….in fact, it makes it worse.

Yes, denial makes things that are already bad, even worse.

There’s a new STD that you need to know about.

Why? Because if you’re not informed and prepared, well, you’ll be left unprotected and the consequences can and will be severe.

Deadly, in fact.

Okay, so what is this new STD?

Stress Transmutation Device.

Not quite what you were expecting, was it?!!

I wanted to get your attention….hopefully it worked.


Because stress kills and destroys life, just like a STD (the other ones!).

Depending on whose research you read,
between 70 and 90% of ALL illnesses are stress related.

According to the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory, here are the Top Ten Stressful Life Events:
1.    Spouse’s death
2.    Divorce
3.    Marriage separation
4.    Jail term
5.    Death of a close relative
6.    Injury or illness
7.    Marriage
8.    Fired from job
9.    Marriage reconciliation
10.    Retirement

Probably no big surprises there, however it’s interesting that there a couple of positive events that are still considered highly stressful.

Yes…even positive events can be perceived as stressful.
The bottom-line is that stress can destroy your health, well-being and relationships…I see it all the time in my practice.

Time for you to learn how to “Transmutate” your stress!

So where can you buy a Stress Transmutation Device?

You can’t…sorry!

Nope, can’t buy one anywhere.

But here’s the good news: You don’t need to buy one…you already have one.

But before I tell you more about that,
let’s look at the true source of stress.

All stress comes from one place and it has nothing, or at least, very little, to do with any external events or circumstances.

Stress starts between your ears.
Yes, your mind, as wonderful as it is, misfires at times.

Your mind malfunctions.

It has dysfunctions and distortions.

It over-reacts.

The good news is that most of the time (99.99%) it works fine…really good…almost perfect.

However, the mind seems to have the most difficulty functioning optimally with stress, or I should say, with the perception of stress.

The mind sometimes perceives things, usually due to past conditioning, as if they are threats…
like a pack of hungry wolves running straight towards you.

No…that was NOT a pack of hungry wolves, and your life is NOT in danger.

But your mind may have been reacting as if it was.
That’s where the Stress Transmutation Device comes in.

It is also between your ears.

Yep…you already have a Stress Transmutation Device between your ears, just waiting for you to use it.

Here’s the deal: Stress is 100% perception…
if you perceive it as threatening, then it will be.

However, if you perceive it as benign and non-threatening, then it is.

The key is to catch it…sometimes easier said than done, I know.

Especially since 95% or more of that organ (your mind) between your ears is subconscious.

But here’s a clue…actually two clues, to more effectively impact your subconscious deeper mind:
First, always focus on what you DO want…
NOT on what you don’t want.

Many, many people put most of their focus on what they don’t want or what they are fearful of, and they cause a tremendous amount of unnecessary stress for themselves. Plus, that’s what your subconscious will then focus on.

Second, remember that the subconscious mind loves imagery…
feed yourself as many vivid, sensory based (use ALL the senses) images as possible…all the positive ones, of course!

If you’re still having challenges, then perhaps it’s time for a tune-up.

Get the proper STD protection!

And pass this on to your friends and loved ones who may not be properly protected!

Peace and Prosperity…


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