Why Success is Awesome

Why Success is Awesome

Success is often aligned with prosperity, wealth, honor, and achievement, among many other “feel good” words. Success has a Latin origin that means to follow, prosper, and to go into action. Why success is awesome is because achieving it will allow you to experience your greatest sense of you. Whatever you decide to be of wealth, richness and value is your success. Success is your path to the most natural high, your highest self-esteem and self worth.

Why is success so awesome? Simply because you are.

Perhaps you may have not fully figured out your path of success. Perhaps prosperity, wealth and achievement are words that are somewhat foreign or unfamiliar to you. Or maybe you’ve tried and tried to discover success and live a successful life, only to have some unpredictable dynamic change along the way.

What do you do then? Keep going, of course.

It is too easy to feel discouraged and then allow that feeling of failure (which is ONLY a feeling, by the way) to dictate your lack of success as being some fatal flaw. Failure is not personal, it just happens at times. And you can turn failure inside-out to be the springboard for success…really!

Heard of Bill Gates? Did you know he was a Harvard dropout? He turned failure inside-out and made himself and his company into huge successes.

If he hadn’t kept going we might still be in the digital stone age.

What about Abraham Lincoln? He had 12 major failures at being elected before he was elected president, but he kept on going towards success.

Many of the freedoms we have today are because of his tenacity and perseverance.

Isaac Newton was a poor student and his teachers gave up on him. But he did not give up on himself. He allowed himself to go forward and he became one of the most successful mathematicians and scientists ever. He allowed himself to go on in spite of failure.

The world without his impact would be far less advanced.

And of course there is Thomas Edison who was first told by his grade school teacher that he was dumb and wouldn’t amount to anything and then had over 9,000 failed experiments before he created the light bulb.

What would have happened if he had quit? We’d all be in the dark!

The list goes on but the point is this: Every successful person had far more many failures than successes. The difference is that they don’t quit. And that is what makes success so awesome.

The world needs more success so we can continue to grow and evolve. Prosperity, wealth, honor, and achievement are not only great words; they are also great targets for your life.

It would be so awesome of you to continue to step into your success so we all may benefit. Perhaps you’ll have the next great breakthrough in healthcare, economics, personal growth, spirituality or relationships.

So allow your every failure to be a great opportunity for your next success. The world needs you, wants you and is waiting for you and all your success.


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