Ken Donaldson Hypnosis for Hard Times….

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Hypnosis…what does that word do to you?

What do you think about…mind control…out of control… loss of control?

Or perhaps you think about seeing one of those stage hypnosis shows
where the hypnotist makes the woman “bark like a chicken.”

What if I told you – prepare yourself – that you were being
hypnotized all day long?




Well…you are!

You are being hypnotized either by yourself or by your environment.

Let me explain…

Being a student of hypnosis for over 20 years and having hundreds of
hours of training, supervision, more training and practical
application with my clients, I can tell you this:
Hypnosis is probably NOT what you think it is.

Simply put, it’s the ability to have an impact on the deeper part of
your mind  – the subconscious – to create effective, positive and
lasting change.

Who’s the greatest hypnotist?

You are!


Because you decide every day, all day long, what to allow to impact
you and what to NOT allow to impact you.


Some of you have been on “auto-pilot” and that’s not so good!

Know who impacts you the most then? Probably advertisers, as they
have done their homework regarding the psychology of hypnosis.

Yes, many people today are allowing themselves to be hypnotized by
their surroundings: Their friends, the media, advertising, their
co-workers and/or perhaps the general consensus of whatever group
happens to be present.

But aren’t these challenging times?

Yes…no doubt…but why is it that there are a number of people who
rise to the challenge and overcome the challenge, and most others
just sit and watch and complain about “how bad it is out there”???

Mass-hypnosis at its best!

But those few people – probably 5% – know how to hypnotize themselves
into success, happiness, health and wealth!

So, want to be a better hypnotist of yourself?

Cool…two simple steps you can take to get started today:

First…decide very clearly what it is you want… decide what your
targets or goals are.

In a relaxed state (basically that means to close your eyes in a
quiet place), begin to visualize what you want…be very specific.

Then, and this is THE most challenging piece, create the emotions
that match how it would be to have accomplish those goals, hit those
targets and fulfill all that you desire.

You may have to do this over and over to overcome the negative
thinking and projecting that’s developed from years of
counter-productive thinking.

Keep doing it over and over…allow this to be your consuming thought.

I can assure you this: If you persevere and if you’re consistent and
if you keep going and going (that means to NEVER quit!),
you’ll achieve your goals and then some.

Oops…there is another small piece: You MUST go into action…
consistent, continual, passionate action that is in alignment with
your goals.

Yes…you must step of out your box, out of your comfort zone and
enter the Land of Possibility.

Every day in every way!

Action, action and more action…visualizing, visualizing and more


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