Emotional Intelligence and Why Osprey Don’t Fret

I’ve been watching a local osprey family build and maintain a nest above a busy intersection the last few years (Seminole Blvd. and Park Blvd., for you locals). Through unpredictable and sudden rainstorms, brutal winds, scorching heat, lightning and thunder (all of which we get plenty of here in Florida) they just keep coming back “home.”

I have pondered why they don’t seem to get upset about all the traffic, exhaust or noise, in addition to all the inclement weather patterns. Plus crazy humans like me who stand under their nest, whistle at them and take their picture…that’s a lot of harassment.

There can only be one answer: Osprey Don’t Fret…and they must be very emotionally intelligent.

Osprey don’t have the same fear/avoidance mechanism that we humans have. Not even close, in fact.

Can you imagine living in those types of circumstances? (to whom could you even complain?)

Why do we humans fear so much?

Would you believe me if I told you that most of what we are afraid of never happens? That’s right! We walk around making up “worst case scenarios” in our minds and then some part of us actually starts to believe these fantasies of angst.

So, basically, we make up fictional stories and then believe them, and live our lives according to these mental melodramas.

What a waste of brainpower and, worse yet, what a waste of possibilities.

Imagine for a moment all the possibilities we could achieve if it weren’t for those nasty, cunning, baffling and powerful negative cognitions…stinkin’ thinkin’ is the downfall of many people, relationships, businesses and probably even nations.

It’s time for us all to be more like the osprey.

Build your dreams because they’re your dreams, not because it doesn’t look like they’re possible, or because some combination of a thought and feeling says not to.

Check this out:

  • The Wright brothers flew right through all their “impossibilities.”
  • Edison kept his internal optimistic light on until he found the light (and the moving picture camera and the phonograph and his list goes on and on).
  • And there are also all those people who thought personal computers would be nothing but a fringe item and those who thought space travel would be utterly ridiculous, unless you can start gaming and you can even become pro at some games as overwatch with the help of sites like http://overwatchsrpros.com.

Makes you wonder just how powerful our thinking process is and could be, doesn’t it?!! Thank goodness for those persistent outside-the-box people who didn’t get sucked into the cynicism.

Henry Ford said it best, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right either way.”

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

That one is from Max Planck (1858 – 1947), a truly wise man who knew about emotional intelligence before the term was even coined (He was a German physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918. And he is said to be the founder of quantum theory, if you’re interested.)

But I seriously digress.

Let’s just be more like osprey and make the most of our situations, rather than trying to make them worse between our ears.

A big piece of emotional intelligence is understanding that just because you feel something doesn’t make it real. A super emotionally wise person would pause and check in with the feeling to see if it was true.

Most fear isn’t true. Be more emotionally intelligent and start today by facing and breaking through those old limiting fear-based beliefs.

You’ll be flying in no time at all.


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