Ken Donaldson Writes: Last Time….Again

So I’ve gone back to visit you once again
Seduced by what appears to be a long-lost friend

But as I watch and carefully I do see
There are cracks in the foundation….no place for “we”

And as I listen and closely I do now hear
All this facade is merely based on fear

Yeah, I could go back and again visit you
But today I wonder….what is really true

I see the masks and the obvious games
And I do remember the essence of shame

And so, today, I choose not to be there
I embrace what is mine…I respond not to the dare

Yes, the thoughts still dance all through my mind
But I hold on to truth, and peace I do find

Your trail is everywhere I go and in all I do
I could go back, but instead, I follow my Heart’s cue

Leaving you behind leaves one huge gaping hole
But that is the beginning of rebuilding my Soul

Yes, you have taught me about letting go, letting go
And once I land in Life’s hands, I find no foe

Thank you for teaching me and also reminding me
About what is true, happy, joyous and free

Without you, I’d have not discovered these gifts
But now it’s time for between you and I, a permanent rift

A boundary impenetrable by toxic delusions
And with that I, too, let go of childhood illusions

I hang with the wizards now, and the students of life
I walk away, no longer needing that old hell-bound strife

Yeah, I went back to visit you yet once again
And what I found is that you are not my friend

So I embrace me….I smile and I soar
And I go now to heal all that’s been torn

Ken “Keni Lee” Donaldson

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