Because It’s All About You


Ken Donaldson it's all about you


It’s all about you.

2016 has been all about you. Today is all about you. And 2017 will be all about you.

How are you doing with you?

Are you happy, healthy and harmonious with yourself, your work and friends and family?

Now is the perfect time for you to review you and plan for you. 

What did you learn in 2016 that you could enhance in 2017? And likewise, what did you learn that you don’t want to repeat? Do you have the people and support systems in place to achieve your goals and live a fulfilled life?

Here are a few areas to examine and set some conscious and intentional goals for 2017:

  • Physical Health, Emotional Expression and Intellectual Stimulation
  • Conflict Resolution and Assertive Communication
  • Spiritual Growth and Alignment
  • Passion and Excitement for Your Work
  • Financial Planning
  • A Truly Supportive Support Network
  • Time for Play, Relaxation, Recreation, Laughter and Light-Heartedness
  • Creative Exploration

So; what are you going to plan to do with and for you in 2017?

It all begins with you, so take good care of you.

You deserve it.
It IS All About You!

(If you’re not sure where to begin, the Marry YourSelf First collection of books and audios are great resources.)