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What is your One Thing? Have you even thought about it?

In counseling with many people over the years, there is one theme that sticks out way above the rest: People don’t know their purpose.

Or perhaps they didn’t even know that there could be a purpose to life.

Or maybe they just didn’t care.

When I ask people, “Why are you here?” they usually think I’m asking why they’re in my office for counseling. And I most certainly do need to know what their motivation is for seeking out counseling, but I’m also asking a much bigger question.

Why are you here in this lifetime?

Some argue that life really has no purpose. You’re born, you live and then you die. Along the way you work, maybe marry, maybe have kids and maybe travel to different parts of the world. But no purpose, just doing.

I have a different opinion. I’ve seen numerous people over the years who’ve struggled with addiction, depression, anxiety or destructive relationships. The vast majority, when I asked about their purpose in life, had no response other than a blank facial expression of, “Huh?

Likewise, I’ve seen many people who never even thought about life having purpose, find their purpose and live their lives more purposely.

People who live purposely, on purpose and with purpose have happier and healthier lives. Plus their relationships are much more harmonious.

How do I know? I asked them.

What about you? Living with purpose and on purpose?

Marry YourSelf First! is a great start!

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