Whole Life Balance Wheel


Ken Donaldson whole life wheel



Listed below are eight primary areas of life from the Whole Life Balance Wheel.

Take some time to consider your level of current satisfaction you are experiencing in each area. Start by asking yourself the suggested questions. Evaluate yourself on a scale from one to ten in each area, with one representing little or no satisfaction and ten representing a maximum level of satisfaction.

SOCIAL & FRIENDS – How are your friendships? What about your support network? How do you feel about your interpersonal skills?

FAMILY & YOUR INNER CIRCLE – How are your relationships with your parents? Siblings? Children? Spouse? Extended family? How is your “chosen” family; your inner circle?

VOCATIONAL, WORK & VOLUNTEER INVOLVEMENT – How satisfied are you with your current career? What would you rather be doing? What type of work has brought you the most satisfaction in the past?

PHYSICAL & HEALTH – How are your eating habits? How is your exercise program? How are your sleeping patterns? And your weight?

RECREATIONAL, HOBBIES & VACATIONS– What do you do in your leisure time? How do you relax and have fun? What creative outlets do you have?

FINANCIAL & CASH FLOW – What is your debt level? What are you doing to plan for the future? How do you want your financial future to be different?

SPIRITUAL & PERSONAL GROWTH – How is your spirituality? How do you release your emotions? What do you do with emotional overload?

RELATIONAL, ROMANCE & SIGNIFICANT OTHER – How is your love life? What do you do to keep the passion alive? How well do you communicate about the more difficult issues? How are your conflict resolution skills? Are you still dating?

Total your scores:

8 to 30 – Your life is calling on you to get some balance, passion and purpose. Working on your whole life plan with your coach is highly recommended.

31 to 50 – You have some areas of your life that needs some attention. Use your support network and commit to them and yourself to living a more consciously constructive life.

51 to 70 – You have some very good habits established, but still could use some tweaking, especially in areas that you are resisting. What you resist will persist!

71 to 80 – Congratulations! You are living a most excellent life. Pass on to others your “secrets” and you will leave the world a much better place!!


You can download your assessment here.


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